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reziprok - MINUS1 EP

CD cover design i did for a good friend of mine.

Listen here

Poster i’ve designed for our DJ show at a local venue (Palace St.Gallen)

GTA V is gonna destroy the rest of the social life i have.

Schädelparty [Skullparty] !


The Black Death



The Sonics — Cinderella - 1966

(Source: suicidewatch, via aplacebothwonderfulandstrange)

~ Tales of Birth ~

A creature, bound in it’s own hair, giving birth. Two arms - one representing the air and one the sea - holding it still. A stairway to an unknown world. A horror tale of life, death and existence.

This has also brought me back to forgotten obsession. I could spend hours, working out little details like the scales on the right arm or the bricks in the walls. I remember drawing a giant bowl of ice cream when i was a child. Just so filling a sheet of paper with small circles had a reason.


Undead Robbery


Holy shit…

Bioshock Infinite is the best game i’ve played in ages.

All these details, hidden messages, conversations, action and well designed characters…

Good job 2k and Irrational! This is amazing.

more written dreams coming soon!

I wasn’t lazy tho. Bought myself a voice recorder and a plain journal. I’ll spend some time writing them down on my computer ASAP!

Four Parts of Misery


So weird how, every time i watch a movie, the next day i find something related to it on my dashboard.